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Spiral Tree, LLC provides artisan tree care to the Portland area

I am an arborist providing pruning and removal services.  We specialize in pruning large and small trees for health and aesthetic balance from 150' Douglas fir trees to delicate 50" Lace Leaf Maples.​.

I have been trimming trees and shrubs my whole life and have over 15years professional experience in the industry.  We are a small company and plan to stay that way, using non-invasive climbing techniques and natural pruning techniques to keep your trees healthy and beautiful.  We are a preservation first company, but sometimes trees need to be removed.  We provide a range of removal services from directional felling to climbing and rigging as well as stump grinding.  We can also salvage your log for milling into boards or slabs or we can custom mill it for you onsite.

See our Cedar Creek Millworks page for details.

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